Non Invasive Facelift now in Denver Co

Are you one of the thousands of people who is thinking of having a face lift, but put off by the idea of having surgery? You are sure that if you had a face lift you would look and feel a hundred times better than you do right now, but still the whole idea of having a major surgical procedure concerns you. ”What if I don’t like the results? How will I hide the scars? How long will it be before I need another one?” are just some of the thoughts probably running through your mind.

Just imagine if you could have all of the benefits of a regular face lift

but without the risks. No major surgery, no scars, and a revolutionary procedure that keeps you looking young for the rest of your life. Interested?

F.A.M.I (Fresh Autologous Mesenchymal Integration) employs the very latest non invasive facial lifting method without any cutting, stitching, stretching or scarring. The FAMI™ non invasive face lift uses the most natural rejuvenation method available – your very own stem cells – to create new tissue and repair your skin, which gives you an incredible, natural and long lasting youthful look that is unmatched by any other conventional face lifting procedure.

No open surgery is used during FAMI™, therefore there is no risk of damaging nerves, arteries, veins and NO SCARRING! Downtime is minimal (approx. 1 week) and the resultant rejuvenation is PERMANENT.

Surgical facial lifting methods usually last between 5 to 10 years and then have to be redone again. With FAMI™ your face it totally rejuvenated and continues to improve due to the use of the patient’s own stem cells restoring the youthful contours of the face and tightening the skin. The FAMI™ lifting procedure is achieved without the use of the scalpel and achieves a much better result than the standard ”cut and pull” face lifting technique.

FAMI™ doesn’t leave the patient with that typical ”wind tunnel” look so often seen, but instead gives a natural, youthful and rejuvenated look to the face. Skin looks and feels smoother and younger, lines disappear, resulting in the patient looking literally decades younger!

Contrary to popular belief, it is not sagging skin but loss of bone surface and shrinkage of the facial muscles that is the primary reason for aging. The FAMI™ technique restores the bone surface volume and
301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


the shape of the atrophied muscles with living tissue, restoring the youthful look to the face. Because FAMI™ is based on the injection of your own stem-cells, the rejuvenation process will continue for ever!

Aside from the incredible, natural and long lasting results, FAMI™ is far safer than any conventional surgical facelift, as it is performed under local anesthetic and, due to no cutting involved, doesn’t run the risk of infection and possible damage to the facial tissues. So, if you have been thinking of having a facelift, want to enjoy the benefits of looking decades younger, but are nervous of having surgery, the FAMI™ non invasive facial lifting rejuvenation technique is for you!

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