Fat Transfer versus FAMI™ in Denver, Co

Why the best fat transfer to the face is achieved with the FAMI™ technique of Dr Roger E. Amar?

This French Plastic Surgeon discovered the concept of Muscle injection in 1997 and expanded it for facial rejuvenation and repair by injecting the 30 facial mimic muscles to give to the transplant the best oxygenation puting them in contact with maximal facial vascularization.

Hundreds of patients have been successfully operated and helped to make FAMI™ the latest most advanced technique with use of Adipose stem cells as a true anti aging surgical tool.

For years women have been voicing their desires for a natural contouring option that would move fat from one area of their body and place
301 Moved Permanently

301 Moved Permanently


it in the aged face for prevention or repair Denver FAMI™ clinic Dr Roger E. Amar offers a long lasting, natural way to enhance your curves through enhanced fat transfer.
– Quote of Dr Roger Amar -

Does the idea of a non-surgical face lift seem too good to be true?
Does the idea of a affordable Rejuvenation for all seem too good to be true?

Read more in Amar Clinic Web Site and learn how FAMI™ works.

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