Dr Roger Amar is monitoring his FAMI™ technique in the hands of his best scholars !
The fat transplantation into the muscles of facial expression, known under the abbreviation: FAMI™ or FAT AUTOGRAFT MUSCLE INJECTION is the state-of the-art of autologous fat transplant techniques.

This 14 years old method brings the fatty connective tissue transplant to the contact of the best vascular bed in the face and skull, giving the maximum of chance to any transplant to set. It is called the “Ultimate fat grafting with ultimate longevity”.

The Dr Amar’ scholars know how to identify of the 30 muscles of facial expression and are experts in injection with the FAMI™ set in a way that, at first respects venous and lymphatic vascularization.

The high rate of patient satisfaction is due to the high rate of transplant success without necessity of touching up.

Although face-lifting was used by the author for rejuvenation during 25 years, FAMI™ is now considered as the best non invasive method for patients seeking facial improvement and rejuvenation making the traditional face lifting obsolete in a proportion of 90%.

– Quote of Dr Roger Amar -

Does the idea of a non-surgical face lift seem too good to be true?
Does the idea of an affordable Rejuvenation procedure for all seem too good to be true?